Our unique approach can only be delivered due to the wide range and relevance of experience of our people, after all, who better to teach leadership than those who have led themselves? At The Leadership Company we only have facilitators who themselves have extensive experience of leading high performance teams in decision critical environments, seeing effective project management and collaboration in action.

Project and Crisis Management
Drawing on extensive commercial and military experience in crisis or disaster management scenarios ensure our facilitators have the understanding of daily pressures faced by participants. That practical application in projects where making critical decisions and ensuring effective collaboration with teams are fundamental to delivering essential results ensure they bring a wealth of knowledge, insight and passion to leadership development.

Emergency Services
Effective and inspirational leadership is especially critical within the emergency services. Our team consists of individuals who have had many years’ experience of leading people in senior positions in all aspects of the UK emergency services. We also have facilitators who have been selected to work for disaster agencies providing medical services in the event of international disasters. These facilitators make decisions every day which invariably determine whether people live or die – the ultimate in project leadership responsibility.

Business Professionals
To ensure that our teaching is both relevant and pertinent to business, the team uses exceptional business professionals who have huge experience of operational leadership and project management in fast moving, commercial and corporate environments across a whole variety of business sectors and sizes. Many of our facilitators currently act as professional consultants and mentors in challenging business environments and provide the essential experience within our organisation that ensures a rounded and holistic delivery.