Over the last ten years The Leadership Company has run an exclusive range of leadership development programmes at executive level where the leadership learning is combined with the delivery of a relevant Corporate Social Responsibility project, both in the UK and Southern Africa. These have included the design and delivery of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) and The Times Leadership Challenges in Africa along with bespoke corporate programmes both abroad and in the UK. In the UK we have worked with disabled charities, special needs schools and local communities.

Our E.P.I.C. programme is specifically designed for those who will be expected to fill senior positions in the years to come, no matter what their experience to date. The programme can fit alongside a longer term leadership programme and offers the opportunity to take top talent future leaders out of their comfort zone in a practical and significant way.

The projects make participants operate in an environment where they have no option but to learn about themselves and each other and quickly. They will be required to develop, utilise and expand their existing skills to take their leadership ability to another level. They will be challenged to deliver a community project, where there is no room for failure or delay and where the fast-moving, high pressure environment offers the opportunity to develop their leadership resilience and adaptability. The whole programme provides both the company and participants a unique way of accessing leadership ability and provide feedback in a way other training cannot.

At every stage of the programme participants have experienced mentors to help them make sense of their thoughts, decisions and actions. As well as helping them frame the learning back into their own workplace context, ensuring the whole learning cycle is relevant and instantly applicable to their day to day work. They will leave with a greater understanding of leadership and greater depth to their leadership capability, allowing them to more confidently and effectively lead in a wide range of scenarios.

What greater legacy from a training programme can be achieved than using the skills and experiences gained to help those less fortunate than themselves?

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