Here are three case studies which demonstrate how our programmes have been developed to deliver solutions in a wide range of industries.

Financial Sector – Project Performance Programme
Mid-way through a £200 million product development project the organisation found itself struggling to control its spiralling costs and over running schedule. The organisation had already sought assistance from Management Consultancies, Business Schools and other training providers; however the overriding issue remained unresolved. The senior project team at the core of the programme consisted of 30 individuals from across the organisation, including IT, Sales and Development, Marketing, HR and Executive Committee members. Within three days of The Leadership Company being invited to assist the team the root cause of the problem was identified. The project team recognised its inherent weaknesses and work flow issues and consequently re-defined its objectives, developed and fostered new individual relationships and identified immediate resource management efficiencies.

With our insights and recommendations and their renewed vision and desire to succeed, one year on, the project was not only delivered on time and within budget but created a blueprint for the rest of the organisation.

Professional Services – Leadership Talent Programme
Being a world-class professional services organisation this firm’s key to success was its greatest asset, its people. However, it realised that the organisation’s future rested in the hands of a talent pool that had progressed through the organisation based on their exceptional technical and academic ability, rather than their ability to lead and deliver results. There was an overriding need to increase both the resilience of this talent pool and their leadership skills. The organisation was looking for the confidence that they were investing in the right people who had the potential to lead effectively, given the right mentoring, focus and mind-set and who could seamlessly integrate and add value to new and existing projects.

The Leadership Company programme introduced effective high performance leadership and team management skills to participants whilst assessing individuals’ potential to lead and offering opportunities to do so. The result was that individually participants understood their personal responsibilities and could more effectively drive team performance up when faced with projects in complex and changeable platforms. They were more fully engaged with the company and as a result have created a new drive and enthusiasm to take more control of their career and development.

Manufacturing – Global Top Talent Programme
As an established global manufacturing organisation the company was looking to review its performance criteria and move from its traditional leadership hierarchy and values to a more dynamic and proactive approach. Part of that change was to ensure that those destined for senior positions had the right skills to drive the business forward.

The Leadership Company were asked to provide a challenging programme that stretched the abilities of participants while providing a consistent and continuous assessment and analysis of their soft-skills – essential for all leadership success. All the participants were high achievers with considerable experience and this sense check programme that also took them massively outside their comfort zones proved an excellent learning experience.

Their perspective on their own abilities, how they would and could impact on others was easily measurable, and their overall leadership resilience was considerably increased. The drive and enthusiasm for performance is now being translated and cascaded down to shop floor level across its European operations.