Most programmes will consist of four key elements all of which can be uniquely designed and dovetailed to the particular needs of the organisation and participants

Leadership Benchmarking

An initial short and interactive session is carried out at the start of the programme. This is designed to allow participants to grasp The Leadership Company methodology, highlight their understanding of their existing leadership skills, create an individual flexible plan for the learning over the programme and work on the gaps in the following sessions.

Group leadership tasks

Participants start in small groups and are taken through a series of tasks involving a unique mix of time pressured practical and mental project planning activities. These tasks are designed to be challenging, enabling participants to experience making mistakes and adapting, to gain accelerated learning in a safe but realistic environment. Each task is followed by an intense and constructive debrief, the focus being how to analyse the team and leadership dynamics, receive feedback constructively and how to improve performance going forward.

On completion of these tasks participants will have experienced a wide range of challenges and begun to have a more detailed understanding of the performance dynamics within a team and what value they bring to that process.

Multi-layered Leadership Projects

The next series of challenges are designed to stretch participants and see how far they have come in terms of their development and understanding of leadership and delivery. Each challenge will clearly demonstrate how effectively the learning from the first series of exercises has translated into practical application.

New teams are created and are introduced to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to develop their new learning from the initial tasks with different individual and team dynamics. Tasks involve a number of multifaceted, increasingly complex challenges that should be completed in tight timescales. These challenges mirror closely the transition from delivering results in small workplace teams to leading projects or change across multi-departmental teams and organisations. The pace and complexity of these tasks will be varied depending on the level of the participants and organisational requirements.

Final Evaluation

Each participant will review their personal feedback from the start of the programme and their progression through each session. Action plans for further development will be summarised and will form the basis of their personal action plan for their ongoing development. This will include identification of individual strengths and the areas where further development is required to better maximise leadership effectiveness.

Most importantly, this session will also focus on how personal development can be most effectively transferred back to the workplace. Each participant will identify key areas that they personally will do differently when they return to work. Feedback can be integrated into an organisations existing personal development plans, used as personal standalone targets or linked to future Leadership Company programmes.